A brief post for now

We have been unable to post anything for the last several days down in the Mekong area. A scheduling snafu left us with hours at the HCMC airport, but with an internet connect that would be rivaled by passenger pigeons carrying hand calligraphied scrolls. So now in a delightful locale in Siem Reap, Cambodia I’ll post some new images to the gallery. If we have time tomorrow I’ll try to post some shots of the incredible food we’ve been enjoying for the last two+ weeks.
Tonight for my 60th they kept the kitchen open and made us some pu-pu’s; and I had a fabulous mango daiquiri !
We might just stay here I think!!
Heres some recent pix from the Mekong delta

Offerings to the Lady Buddha




Offerings for the Lady Buddha


Street side checkers



Boy washing his fighting rooster





Buddha offerings


2 responses to “A brief post for now

  1. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful adventure – thank you for sharing it with us! Can’t wait until you’re back to hear more about it.


  2. What an extraordinary birthday both in decades and site, how will you ever up that? I’ve been following u two faithfully, sorry not to comment more. love, Linny

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